Hi every-one

I am so happy to welcome you to Nature on hand blog.

I thought it will be nice to have a place where we can join to share ideas and thoughts, a place where you will find post about various subject like health, D.I.Y., deco, food, books, nature and more.

Nature on hand is an E.commerce for nature and eco-lovers. its a shop where we can find eco-friendly, organic, natural, hand made items. Cleaning product, grocery, beauty, books, clothes, deco,…etc….

It has been creating in the hope of helping people to get rid of chimical in their everyday life, and to make us feel good at the same time to buy something for ourself.

What a satisfaction to know that we participate for the creation of a better world respectuous of the planet and of every-life on it. It  is also a way to fight against those big compagnies who poluate and alter our health for their benefits. It is never too late to start the change. It start with us,today. Buying responsable.

will open in end of august

Enriched by beautiful pictures and inspirational quotes, it is the place to be to find inspirations and informations in a garden of positivity.

The Place to escape for a while and find back a smile

I wish you all an amazing reading and discoveringff