little introduction

Hello every-one and welcome to Manora Jewellery Blog.

I would like to use the first post to introduced myself and ManoraJewellery shop.

I will be quick !

My name is Nathalie –

I come from a little village near Lyon in France and I am now settled in the North-east of England with My daughter.

My passion for the artistic creations has born in my early childhood and has never left me.
I have tried and keep trying new techniques, New materials and new tools.
With many years of practices I have developed good skills which are still improving .
I am now using pure precious metal and making my own home-made metal clay (high purity )It’s a long process but it open doors on immense creativity inspirations.

I am deeply inspired by nature and more particularly by my love for Aotearoa, the land of long white cloud, beautiful New-zealand.

Each of my creation is handmade with attention and love. All unique, ethic and unusual.
I use various material and recycle as much as possible.

As I care about health and nature I do not add any kind of chemical on my jewelery All of the pieces are safe to be wear.

Manora Jewellery is a new concept of shopping jewellery.

It sells Eco-friendly, Handmade one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery and is respectful of nature and human being.

It is Fair-trade and Ethical, and it help customers to help the less fortunate. Manora Jewellery give 10% of each purchase to charity organisations.

I believe the creation of a better place start with us, Now.

when you shop at Manora Jewellery shop you are acting for this better place

It has never feel this good to wear jewellery!