mhba large island nation located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean

I think i should start be showing you why New-Zealand is inspiring me so much .

I have lived over there for 15 months and I have to say that it was the most amazing experience of my life (until now).

BEAU-TI-FUL ! It is simply and amazingly beautiful. Not only the landscape, but the inhabitant as well. Easy-going and welcoming, you will always find help with the local.

I have lived so many incredible experiences that show how nice the kiwi are but I will only tell you one…or two

Two of my friends and I were road tripping in the north of the north island, with a car and a small tent. We had organised a rotation for the nights  so one of us sleep in the tent while the two others used the front seats of the car. It may not sound great like this, but it was actually really fun.

Our goal was to find each day a new incredible place to stay overnight, for free indeed . More often than wanted, we founded ourself still driving after the sunset to finally stop the car in an unknown area in the darkness of the night! it was something kind of  exciting because we only discovered with the sunrise, where we were and we were always surprised by the scenery this magic land was offering to us. …This is how we wake up one nice morning in the middle of a golf field ! but this is an other story.

What happened once is that we run out of petrol. It was already dark, we didn’t find anyplace to  stay yet, we couldn’t drive any longer. We stopped the car literally between the front of a house’s garden and the road. No choice, we set up the tent but were quiet anxious about what will be the reaction of the house’s owner when they will see us, they will probably shout at us and be very unhappy. We decided to leave very early in the morning and went in bed. When the morning arrived we were feeling not as anxious as the past evening – it was done! and nothing happened!

our improvised campsite between a garden and a road

As we were packing slowly and having breakfast , A smily lady coming from the house, came to meet us. She wanted nothing less than wishing us a good morning and told us that we can use her garden’s shower if we wanted to . We were simply speechless, we were far from all the stories we made up the night before about what could have happen to us.

5 min later when I decided to stop a car in order to ask the direction of the closest petrol station ( we couldn’t afford to drive in a wrong direction) a man  stopped in front of me, He took a look at our improvised little camp site while listening to me. All he said was “wait here” and left. I wasn’t too sure about what he was doing but he came back with a full oil barrel for us.

and here it is….

New Zealand is known to be one of the safest country of the world and I can confirm that we felt not only safe, but supported.

I was going to tell you about that time when we lost the only car key we had in the send while we were on a desert beach. When after a night of despair we witnessed a undiscrible solidarity movement toward us from people we have never met before, but,  I will tell you instead about that night when one of my friend was setting up the tent on the beach, my other friend and I were on the search of water. We decided to simply knock on the door of one of the few houses around and ask for filling up our bottles. We met a kiwi -who was there for the weekend- she not only filled up the bottles, she also opened up the downstairs flat’s door for us ! We ending having a great night in a 3 bedrooms flat, for free. (No need to say that it was really appreciate after a week of tent and car seat sleep 😉 )

New Zealand is just as surprising as this.


~ a litle bit of New-Zealand~


It has improbably beautiful beaches  that are left completely alone. Many of the multiple private beaches haven’t suffered a man footprint in years. The result is that yellow-eyed penguins can often be spotted (through binoculars) at any time of the day, and NZ fur seals laze around rocky swimming holes, blissfully unfazed by tour groups passing by.

You can find animals, plants and flowers that you will find nowhere else in the world (like the Kaoris, second biggest trees of the world). This has a lot to do with the fact that the islands of New Zealand have been an isolated area for the past 80 million years.

Kaori tree

The kiwi is the most famous bird and also a national symbol of New Zealand. ‘Kiwi’ has also become the nickname for the New Zealander. Despite its fame, this little bird is not easy to see, because it is a nocturnal animal that sleeps twenty hours a day.


Another famous New Zealand bird is the Kea Parrot. This parrot lives in the Southern Alps. It is the only mountain parrot in the world and is seen as an intelligent and playful bird. So playful that he might like to destroy the backpacks and tents of people who are traveling through the mountains.

this parrot was trying to put into pieces our Van!

If you love hiking, you won’t be desapointed!New zealand has so much great walk and trail….

At the end of my time in New-Zealand I have done an incredible hike in the Tongariro National parc, the tongariro crossing.

It encircles the volcanoes of Tongariro, Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu and features some of New Zealand’s most contrasting landscapes

Emerald lakes, alpine meadows and hot springs surround the largest volcanoes in the North Island, offering an environment of stunning diversity.


It was the most beautiful scenary I have ever seen. It took me over 6 hours, but I think I should have taken more my time and appreciate even more what was under my eyes. (To tell you the truth I did it so quickly that my knee was hurting me for the last hours and couldn’t  walk at all the next day !) I suggest you to do it in 8 or even 10 hours. take your time to sit down and look at the views as often as possible ! It worth it.

I felt on the top of the world. Peaceful . alone.

  • maori

The Maori culture is rich in tradition and legend, and forms an integral part of New Zealand society.

The Maori are believed to be the indigenous people of New Zealand, immigrating here from Polynesia on canoes many years ago. This event was known as the “Great Fleet”.

These polynesian people settled New Zealand and became known as the Maori. They formed their own unique culture, language and traditions.

Land wars broke out with the arrival of the European settlers. In 1840, the Treaty of Waitangi was written and signed by several Maori Chiefs which gave the British monarchy sovereignty over parts of New Zealand. Confusion has long remained over what the treaty actually said and meant, as the Maori version translates differently to the English version. The Maori believed they retained the rights to their land.


I can’t write a post about new-zealand without evocating ALL BLACKS and HAKA  I suppose.

A haka is a traditional Maori dance. Maori haka are performed for various reasons, such as celebrating an achievement, welcoming distinguished guests, or as a pre-battle challenge. Contrary to popular belief, a haka is not always a war dance, and may be performed by both men and women.


here just for you  the famous Haka Ka Mate performing by the all blacks in 2015